Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vinyl Replacement Windows Plano Texas

So there are great things and not so great things about my job.  I love what I do but I don't document it very well and so I loose track of great projects I've done in the past.

In this case the subject matter is home improvement projects I've done in Plano.  I often get asked for references or a job the customer can drive by and look out so if all goes well the GPS on the pictures and the running Plano page will help with tracking these better.  I guess we'd call it, crossing our fingers and hoping the technology holds up.

In case you wonder why I become so easy to find in Google searches for things like windows, vinyl windows, replacement windows, french doors, entry doors and so on I'd have to admit I think it has a lot to do with my YouTube video which has about 33,000 views last time I looked.  I think it gets a couple of hundred views a week.  Long story short, I got invited to become a Google Glass Explorer and my website has seen some pretty awesome results due to the exposure and wonderful feedback of those who do research there.

To find out more about me and what we do here are a few links:      This is my main website for Dallas

Here's the fun Google Glass Profile on Google Plus.  This is by far my favorite social media site and it's really where you can find my best pictures and tips about vinyl window manufacturers, styles and options from out in the field where I live.

We install Simonton, NT Window, Alside, Don Young Company, Atrium Vinyl Windows, Ted Lansing Windjammers, Jeldwen Windows, Burris and Associates Windows and more.  This is a place where you can see them, ask questions in the comments section and really find out what I've seen.

I'm fifty years old now and only have so much time to be the window guy.  That being said, I want you to know everything that I know so you get the right thing.  I'm somewhat like a house doctor with a calling.  If I get good information and we make good decisions we will help the house get the perfect solution.  It's a goal.  We do our darnedest to make it happen.

This was NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows in Plano.  Single Hungs operate from the bottom only.  Single Hungs are more energy efficient than double hungs because the top sash is glued in place and therefore by design has less air infiltration.  Single Hungs will also have more glass and less frame.  This one has a 2 5/8" frame from edge of window to glass.  Double Hungs come in at around 3 3/4" of frame with the main frame and the operating top sash frame.  It can lose a lot of light and glass.

The Three Lite Casement Window in vinyl.  I sell a lot of these.  I like them.  The end panels open like outswinging doors and have the screen on the inside.  This is great in the older Plano homes with a twin window in the breakfast nook.  This makes it look bigger and much prettier with a better view.  This is one of the best things I bring to many homes I work on.

NT Windows Single Hung

Here's an interesting one.  Our bays feature a slim line vinyl window that can produce bay and bow mulls that are just 3" wide.  Most manufacturers have frames that are putting these mulls at 5 to 7 inches thick.  That's a lot of plastic.  If you have a bay or a bow I have the best product in Plano for a good look there.  I hope you'll have a look at my Bays and Bow Windows Page.

Archtops and circle top windows are complicated.  It takes several measurements to get the arch correct in a new vinyl window and it takes a good relationship and understanding of the process the window manufacturer itself uses in getting those arches to make sure the result on the house is what it's supposed to be.

This was triple glazed with Krypton Gas vinyl windows.  Interestingly enough it didn't change the solar heat gain co-efficient a bit but the U Value went from .29 down to about a .18 which was quite impressive.   Unfortunately that wonderful little upgrade runs about $250 a window in addition to the base model.  This is what really separates the mid range window from the high end window.  It's the same frame and reinforcement but the glass and the gas change.  A mid range window is better bang for the buck and value.  It takes a long time to get enough energy savings to cover the additional cose

Getting perfect arches and perfect caulking beads are why we are the most award winning window and door contractor in Plano and North Dallas.

Big Picture windows!   Yay!!   They do have to be tempered safety glass now due to the building code so that will cost a little extra.  That being said.  It's worth it in many cases.

Interior view of the three lite casement in vinyl.  This one came in place of a slider.  The man cave never looked better!  This was around Coit Road and Park as I recall.

This is the outside of the man cave one.  Again, the ends swing out for air and the screens are inside the house.  The look is very upscale.

On this one I squared off the archtops and went with casement windows.  The mortar was still wet but the look was a huge update.

This twin vinyl casement window brings up the question to grid or not to grid.  In this case it made for an awesome little cottage look.  We also replaced the wood and do that whenever needed on all projects.

Here's a link to some more of my past work and commentary on vinyl replacement window projects I've done in Plano:

Thanks for looking!   Send me a note if you'd like.  :D

Gallery of Window Replacements in Plano from G+:

White vinyl windows with grids:

This one has a few videos on removal and caulking a vinyl window:


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