Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NT Window Energy Master White and Presidential Adobe Vinyl Replacement Windows

A few of our NT Window Projects from 2017

We do around a hundred projects a year here in Dallas and Fort Worth.  These are a few cool ones from last year.   We love doing the highest quality installation work in North Texas.

The white ones are NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Windows

We are proud to have been the winner of their "Dealer of the Year" Seven times over the last few years.  One of our favorite manufacturers with a locally made product produced in Mansfield Texas using Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon Gas Filled insulated glass.

The Adobe colored ones are NT Window Presidential Vinyl Single Hung Replacement Windows

A relatively new color that's only been in production a few years but offers an alternative to the typical White or Tan colored windows.  We have these available in this color or a close variation to it from three different window manufacturers.  They are available from NT Window, Don Young Company and from AMI Industries.  AMI makes the Alside Mezzo, Sheffield and Ultra Max Windows as well as the Berkshire Model.  AMI is a frequent re-branding organization and they are often called other names by other window and door installation vendors.

NT Window Presidential Vinyl Replacement Windows in Adobe.

This project is actually one we did in 2004 and these pictures are of a product that is now thirteen years old.  When you pick the right window manufacturer you can count on decades of great performance and a look that really stands the test of time.

NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows in Wylie Texas

Vinyl Replacement Windows In Wylie Texas

Hi I'm Dave Traynor and I own www.DallasWindows.com.   I'm really proud of what we do here to fix peoples houses and this blog is where I show it off a bit and make commentary on what we do and how it works.

I've also been the Host of House Talk Texas on the Salem Radio Network and had the pleasure of interviewing dozens of other home improvement specialists over the last couple of years.

Rain Glass in Vinyl Replacement Windows

Rain Glass is the new and improved way to get some privacy.  It's not the same as the one we had in our apartment in college.  It's actually pretty decorative and has a great look.  Still very reasonably priced but a far better aesthetic than most other options in privacy glass for the bathroom.

Video Demonstration of how Rain Glass looks in a vinyl replacement window.

Here's a short video of the time we were installing one and it gives you an idea how much privacy is associated with a typical rain glass window.  It diffuses but does allow a great deal of light.  That being said...   you probably don't want to find your nakedness pressed up against it or anything.

Solid Picture Windows in Vinyl from NT Window.  

These are Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows.

 Picture Windows

 Vertical Operating Single Hung Windows with Half Circles or Architectural Windows mulled to the top of them.

Grids lining up correctly can be a challenge for many contractors.  For us it's just another day at the office.

I find myself doing a lot of homes that are on corners or owned by lawyers or are the "monster houses" in the subdivision.  I think those people do better research, don't want the crummy installation associated with the cheap guys and therefore come to me.

Good research will tell you that we have the very best reputation in North Texas.

I love putting my 33 years of experience into every home and knowing that they'll look and work great for the next 30 years.

Curb appeal is so important on homes today.  This little cottage is in the 500's and cheap builders grade windows just don't cut it anymore.  Neither do the cheap ones that many window and door installation contractors use.   We were named one of the top 16 of the 313 available in North Texas by www.Expertise.com in 2017 and we're proud of the detail concision installations that we deliver.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ten Steps to a Sale

I get asked about this one sometimes:

In the 80's Sears and AMRI and Pacesetter used this approach to selling home improvements.  It's not really how I do it but there's value in all of these steps to a professional sales person.  Even the most timid of sales persons needs at least 8 of these steps.  The pre-close isn't entirely necessary except in well established "one call close" companies.   My company isn't one of those.  We give people time to compare, ask questions and do research to find out that we're the best option out there.  On the other hand, Statewide Remodeling, Sears, Clarity Windows, Pella and other really big names with really big price tags have to do the one call close.

If you're in sales though, these are good to know and good to see. 

Ten Steps To The Sale

“Mr./Mrs.____________? Hi, I’m __________ from The Window Connection. How are you today? Break eye contact, reach down, pick up kit, and step forward.
Go to the couch or the dining room table.  Table is best.  Take control of the television to avoid distractions.  (Looking disconcerted and having trouble concentrating are great reasons for your customer to turn down or off the television)
2.  WARM-UP       NON-business 20-30 MINUTES
    Home, Kids, Work, neighbors, neighborhood, sports, family interests, look over the pictures and books and get a feel for the home and things you may have in common. Being able to relate to someone helps you buy from them.
“Thank you for taking time to get to know each other, but I’m supposed to be working. Let’s move to the kitchen table.  John you sit here, Mary you there.    I’m here to give you enough information, so that when you are ready, you can make an informed and intelligent decision for your family”  “Let me tell you a little bit about my company.”  (warm up is important.  The time spent here is equal to the amount of time you will have for the close.  If you spend 10 minutes of warm up, you’ll be comfortable spending 10 minutes on the close.  Twenty minutes is better as you know the customer better and can really assert the great reasons to do business today.
J, M     Do you have any Q’s about my company?
J          What impressed you most about The Window Connection?
M         What did you really like about The Window Connection?
J, M     Could you TRUST The Window Connection to do EXCELLENT work and serve your needs for FUTURE WORK.
Other estimates
Available products/manufacturers
Variety of services
4.  CUSTOMER NEEDS  30 to 45 minutes
Look for dominant buying motives
Ask questions to move ideas to genuine concerns
Get customer’s “drive-thru order”
Health -       Drafts lead to colds and flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.
Moisture causes mold and related bacteria build up and infiltration.
Allergies are inflamed due to pollen and dust infiltration.
Comfort -      Drafts limit how much of our home is useable.
Drafts cause some rooms to be warmer or colder than others.
Drafts move the curtains and keep us from sitting by the windows and doors.
Convenience -        Being able to clean ones windows.
Being able to see through the clean windows.
Screens to ventilate and air out the house at will.
Safety -                     Locks prevent intruders and keep our homes safe.
Night latches allow safety even when allowing ventilation.
Windows that operate properly assure means of escape in case of fire.
Security -                  Keeps our personal possessions in our possession.
The appearance of new windows makes crooks move on to the neighbor’s house.
Double locks on insulated glass are the most secure windows money can buy.
Peace of Mind -    Knowing that our home is airtight and not in need of repair.
Knowing that our home is safe and secure.
Pride of Ownership -      Nothing says, “I love my home” like new windows.
Very few things in life are truly wonderful and truly attainable… windows are both.
Property Value Added - Windows add 109% of their cost to a homes property value on the day they are installed.
Aesthetic Value – The beautiful appearance of new windows is like a facelift on your home.  Windows are our homes eyes to the world. What we see and what the world sees.
Energy Savings - Windows built today are 30% more efficient than windows built just 10 years ago.
New windows are up to 40% more efficient than single paned windows.


**** Quick Inspection Time  *******

            “Quick glance”  “familiarize yourself with the house.”  “Get a feel for what you have” look for the problem spots and highest concerns
J, M ? Do you agree that your home needs some work?
J. ?                  What’s most urgent?
M.?                  What do you loose sleep over?
J, M ? WANTS, NEEDS, What’s your #1 priority?
Close Step 4…Does the customer need it?  Establish if there is a real need for our product.
5.  CUSTOM SOLUTIONS       30 - 45 minutes per product
Product Presentation  (Present the window sample)
J, M?               Do you have any Q’s about my __________?
J.?                   What impressed you the most?
M.?                  What did you like?
J, M?   Where did we over-do-it? Is there anything we don’t need? 
When and if you ever decide to put ______ on your home is this the product you’d like?
Many of my customers tell me that they feel like their windows are custom-made for them.  Isn’t this exactly the window you want to solve your problems?
FEED THEM HAMBURGERS, “Parts and Pieces”
Feature,      (Jargon)…which means to you…Benefits…
CONDIMENTS    “Toothpick” (senses) Do you feel like.  Do you think that…..can you see that……
6.  PRE-CLOSE… Establish mutual need for doing business TODAY.  Control the TEMPO of the conversation.  Going slowly will help this transpire well.
Let’s take a minute to review.  I told you about my company. Have you thought of any questions?  You still feel comfortable doing business with us.   Like the window?
J, M I know you agree that your home needs work, It’s not a matter of WHETHER you’ll have it done, but WHEN you’re going to GET IT DONE.
We need and want your business, too.  Most importantly, installers to keep busy.  WE NEED YOUR BUSINESS TODAY.
            Let’s go outside and measure it up and we can see exactly what we’re looking at.  You want to measure? Or do you want to write?
            Figure (min,max) and Addendum for all openings for whole home.
9.  CLOSE   
Time here can't be more than the warm up time so this is why warm ups have to be long.
      Handling Objections
      (Sofa)… so you say you FEEL_____, I have FELT_______, my customers have FOUND________.
      “that’s exactly the reason you should do the work…”
      Is that the ONLY reason…?  I’m not saying I can, but if  ___ were solved, would you be doing this work with me?
      John let me be candid, if I have to see everyone who calls me two times, I can only see half as many people.  I see about three people a day when all is going well.  Obviously I can’t see everyone twice and see half as many people.  Anyone who calls me tomorrow and is ready to go, I will go see, but I may have to cancel or reset and inconvenience some other potential customer.  That may be a lost job, because I wasn’t thorough enough with that person, so my job is to be very thorough here with you right now.  While I’m here with you folks I have a 50-50 chance of winning your business, but I know that statistically, when I leave, I only have a one in five chance of winning your business.  That makes me pretty motivated to do everything I can for you right here and now.
      +   Added value from doing the project
      -   “We could leave off…….to stay more affordable”
      X   The YOU factor (people will do business with you if they like and trust you)
      /    Reduce to the ridiculous (only $.02/day!!!).  Downsize the project to become more budget friendly.  (good warm-up and the ability to ask their budgeting number can be a great tool)
      Ask for the order, Six times. 10 options are listed here for asking.
      Would you be writing a check or using a CC for the deposit?
      Can I get to work for you?
      Can I get your approval right here? 
      Are we good to go?
      Do you see the X? Sign here.
      Can I welcome you to The Window Connection family?
      Are we gonna get this done? 
      Are we ready to do this?
      Are we done thinking about it, and it’s time to do it?
      Are we ready to put this thing down on paper?
      Signing Contract
      10.  WARM-DOWN    10 to 15 minutes
      Now J/M remind me again why you spent 7000 dollars with the Window Connection today.  Or....
      Tell me again why it is we didn’t do business today?
      Just to help me to become a better servant of the next family I go see…………..
      Do you have any friends that you think might benefit from the windows that you’ve seen here today?
      Maybe a Christmas card list that has someone who may need my help?
      It's a pretty burley pitch for sure. I'm just too nice to get agressive with sales I suppose but never having cancellations, never pushing people towards what I know is really a better solution and making them do it now so they don't screw it up is a tough job. I tend to be patient and let the ones come to me that really want me as opposed to fishing for a bunch of idiots. My customers tend to be the smartest folks in the country and I can see it because they have to do extensive research and still end up at my door. I think I attract the customers that I really want so the hard pitch isn't necessary. I hope you found this piece informative in some way. If you did share it with your network! But not my competition, don't tell them.