Thursday, June 6, 2019

Coppell Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window

Vinyl Replacement Windows Coppell Texas

This is a typical starting point for us.   Builders grade aluminum windows that are double paned but often fogged and certainly not energy efficient.  These had grids all the way around.  Grids in replacement windows are usually in front only if used at all.   They are falling out of favor in most remodeling contexts.

Half circle windows are often without insulation in the arches.   This is one of the many reasons they don't work well and seem very hot in the summer and cold in the winter.   We take steps to insulate that void when the old window is out.  No one can see many of the extra steps we take to provide a long lasting, energy efficient solution to modern replacement window and door issues here in the Dallas area.

You never know what you'll find working on an older home...   this time it was apparently a very in tact rat skeleton.   Creepy but kind of cool.

Window installation is the key.  Some crews are in a hurry.  Some are hourly and don't care as much as they should or have the skill level that we'd hope for.   We assure you that 33 years of experience on your job site, at your home, can make all the difference in the world.  We pride ourselves on better installation, better caulking materials and application, better insulation and trim work as well as better care for the property while we're there.

NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows

These are our NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows.  This home in Coppell will be better for decades.   This is a great example of doing it right the first time.

A happy homeowner and his owner....      Replacement Windows add value to the home, and energy efficiency as well as increase your standard of living.   We typically price windows 30% lower than Renewal by Andersen, Clarity Windows, Pella, Statewide Remodeling and many of the best known window installation companies working in North Texas.  We provide great windows with lower markup due to lower overhead.   Find out why we're a Best of Dallas Contractor.   Find out more about us at     

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cedar Creek Lake Replacement Windows

We did one in Cedar Creek Lake this last week.   It was a challenge to make the trapezoids look good as the opening was out of square about an inch and a half.  That being said, I covered it up pretty well.

I've actually done around a hundred houses out there over the years.   Kemp, Tool, Gun Barrel City are a few of the small cities around Cedar Creek.  It's an awesome community and I love going out there.  About an hour and a half south of Dallas on HWY 175.

Before we started with Bronze builders grade windows from the 70's.  Fogged and pretty ugly.

The biggest trapezoid was heavy.  Around 300 pounds.  We lowered it with ropes and a suction cup.  It was jammed in there pretty good.   I later determined that the 100 or so square feet of windows was about 1 1/2" out of square.  It became apparent on trying to trim them as one unit.  I found a solution though.

To do these correctly you have to split up the out of square in as many places as possible.  Half inch here or there, eighth inch here and there.  I kept the bottom straight with the lowers and the top angle straight with the house.  It was one of the more challenging ones over the last year or so.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NT Window Energy Master White and Presidential Adobe Vinyl Replacement Windows

A few of our NT Window Projects from 2017

We do around a hundred projects a year here in Dallas and Fort Worth.  These are a few cool ones from last year.   We love doing the highest quality installation work in North Texas.

The white ones are NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Windows

We are proud to have been the winner of their "Dealer of the Year" Seven times over the last few years.  One of our favorite manufacturers with a locally made product produced in Mansfield Texas using Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon Gas Filled insulated glass.

The Adobe colored ones are NT Window Presidential Vinyl Single Hung Replacement Windows

A relatively new color that's only been in production a few years but offers an alternative to the typical White or Tan colored windows.  We have these available in this color or a close variation to it from three different window manufacturers.  They are available from NT Window, Don Young Company and from AMI Industries.  AMI makes the Alside Mezzo, Sheffield and Ultra Max Windows as well as the Berkshire Model.  AMI is a frequent re-branding organization and they are often called other names by other window and door installation vendors.

NT Window Presidential Vinyl Replacement Windows in Adobe.

This project is actually one we did in 2004 and these pictures are of a product that is now thirteen years old.  When you pick the right window manufacturer you can count on decades of great performance and a look that really stands the test of time.