Sunday, February 2, 2014

I just figured out why Google Plus is going to be so much better than Facebook ever dreamed of being. 

For every user who learns it.* This is how they can feel:

Filtering into circles will put everyone in their place for my world.

Car guys will be in the garage with hot rods and Lams and Bugattis. 

Wack jobs will be gone or in a closet where I can glance in on them every now and again.

Beautiful Digital pictures will be ever flowing through my life with inspiring editing and detail like never before in history

All my political stuff will be in a nice folder for review on occasion.

My passion for music ~ not people ~ will be in a folder on my Youtube just a click away.

Here's what I won't have:

I won't have the constant DJ hammering out what club has a drink special or who's taco's are on sale, or what kind of a white sale is at Mervyn's.  

Who's coming to town or What's to do if I want to go someplace packed or someplace to drink too much, until I need those pieces of information. I well may need those pieces of information too, make no mistake.  But that constant advertising oriented format just has to die...  man it just has to.  This is the future man and I got no hoverboard.

Not that I don't love the pictures of the Friday night dance club and the DJ rockin' and the band is whaling.  But not all the time for sure and most definitely not during my work day or my quality time of life.

Or advertisements.  Wow that's a thought.......

My Work will be better and easier

My business research and associates will be sharing the latest cutting edge ideas and breakthroughs at all my productive times in one folder.  Not to mention my e-mail, documents, calendar, reminders and other conveniences that are a click away.

I will have a forum where I can share my accomplishments with my coworkers, customers and prospects.  (insert shameless plug here for whatever it is you do). 

I will have folders upon folders, upon folders of pictures of my work just a click away and I'll share them so my friends will remember and tell their friends, and we'll all be better off.  I'll earn a living hopefully and they'll help someone or I will.  

The universal principle here being that people can communicate better, get along better, understand better, disagree better and be productive more than ever before with the help of this format.

My website has to do better I'm sure - Maybe SEO is dead!**

I know that my website digs it because I really am an authority on (insert my subject of choice).  And Google search engines like that because they know who I am.  They're tired of you not liking search results too.  That's why they change that around to keep the results top notch.  They really want to know I'm not some robot kicking out crap to make a fast dollar and screw someone, not a little, and not a lot.  I'm really there, really doing that thing and showing it off. 
Oh and did I mention that my blog..  yea that little work tool is just a click away too.  Back to being productive.

Think for a moment about sharing your work and your progress with the world. 

It's so much easier to share my work in photos with a G+ click than a website revision.  Not that I can't do it because I have for 15 years now.  Way back in Frontpage days to be honest. 

Nothing is more important than your family and your friends.

Google Plus is a place to reach my kids or grandkids on hangouts or through a facetime hangout on my google glass.  Holy cow that may be the how you fire the reto-rockets on the space time continum right there.  Especially if we all spin counter clockwise at our respective locations.  (Danger - Don't try this at home).

Remind me to warn you, that I think this might be addictive if you get good at it and you may need to be careful and get away from the box sometimes to be with afforementioned family and friends....  anyway back to the article (end ADD spell here)

There is such a world of possibilty in every persons home feed that everyone will find their nitch when they learn the preferences, settings, circles, sharing techniques and workability of Google Plus.

As the world progresses further into a technology that is literally the new frontier for mankinds learning and advancement.  It is easy to see why Facebook will become a thing for the kids, but not anyplace for anyone with depth or maturity to spend too much time.

I always knew the grown ups would be in charge someday and maybe I'll live long enough to see that happen.
I'm almost sure this will eventually assimilate us all like the Borg want to do to Captain Picard and the entire Federation. As a Google Glass Explorer with a University of Texas orange camera stuck to my head like a weirdo or a nerd.  (old nerd at that)

Fortunately they are University of Texas orange.  I suppose that's a plus.

I am diving in head first because I'm hopeful.  I think we can grow closer, learn faster, be more productive as mankind has always been We, "good" (I use that one pretty loosely) people  can be better at helping the not-so-good folks see more clearly and have a better chance of making it.  This is a universal principle of kindness and I think it can happen better and faster because of great technology.  See.....Do unto others, Karma, Ying-Yang....etc.

Sidenote:  I really am able to see the people on the other side of the screen better because the format is clearer.  Even those whom I disagree with are closer and our dialogue can be kinder and more intelligent, more solution oriented.  It is a good thing.

I've gone way long on this article.  I'm new at this.  I could use your support and encouragement, shares or +1's or whatever the case may be.  I'm grateful you read this far for sure.

Here's the link   ~    BEEEEP

Dave Traynor

**I'm almost positive I've plagiarized this phrase from someone.  The other views are my own.  Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.  I'll be here all week.