Thursday, November 12, 2015

My SEO Secrets in a Picture

SEO for Dallas Windows

Is it advertising or investing in your business?

SEO is tough.  I own Dallas Windows .com  This is how I stay on page one of the engines with current pages and coding.  

My images and pinterest presence help also as do all my map work on Google.  Then there's the Google Glass.  That probably helped a bit too.  This is how you check your site though.  Ultimately you also have    The criteria there is way over my head though.

Well this is everything I know...  It seems to be just enough to get the job done.  If you have a website this should mean something to you as well.

These are all chrome add ons.  Try out a few and see if you're not able to make some critical improvements on your site and its rankings.

The list of the cute icons goes like this from left to right......   many I use all the time, some not so much.   They will slow down a box a bit though.

Seo for Chrome

Google Page Rank

SEO Analysis Tool

SEO Quake

Meta SEO Inspector

Web Developer

Alexa Traffic Rank


Woorank SEO and Website Review

SEO Doctor

SEO Site Tools

Hootsuite (timed social posting assistance)

Google Hangouts  (unrelated)

SEO Extension

Circlescope   (google profile related)

Domain Authority

Page Analytics

Buffer   (another timed social posting assistant)

Check My Links

Share This  (Good tool for other peoples sites, use buffer or hootsuite for your site pages)

Other tools I recommend include author and publisher tags from a Google Plus Profile, a solid Maps Presence, analytics tags, alt tags on all pictures, H1 and following tags appropriately named and placed regardless of design, and of course the really easy one to stay on top of....  a blog and solid social media interaction..   (like that can happen with all that spare time you have, right?)  I really think that one is last in importance though.  You fix the site and then worry about your twitter page.

Hootsuite and Buffer are how you get your pages and posts spaced out through the softwares auto scheduling.  It means you can post for two hours and have the work done for the week.  This prevents wasted time on facebook that you try to call work.

Geotags on the pages and all the pictures is important too.  Also, I used to hate it when my pictures got stolen, then I noticed that Google can tell where they came from, they know.  They give me the credit for the hundreds of stolen pictures I have on the internet.  It did help rankings.

Minimizing script and css files is good as well but that's a code thing.   These others are pretty much just tedious basic lines of code and options in web templates.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions or I can help you somehow!

Dave Traynor

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Window Shutters

Everything You Need to Know About Window Shutters
By Mary Sauer

*We're very proud to have our first guest blogger from share with us insights on shutters.  Thank you Mary for sharing great input and thoughts on Window Shutters and how they apply to our replacement window needs in North Texas.*

Typically, window shutters, often called plantation shutters, are constructed from a group of slats which are placed parallel to each other along the length of the window. These slats can be adjusted, to allow natural light into the home in whatever amount the homeowner prefers. Shutters can be used inside of the home, but are also frequently seen outdoors. They serve the purpose of not only adding decoration to the home, but shielding the home from unwanted light, maintaining privacy, and protecting windows from inclement weather.

At first glance, finding the right shutters for your home may seem like as simple enough process, but there are actually many things to consider before making a purchase. Homeowners should consider the affordability, durability, thermal benefits, and maintenance needs of each type of shutter before making their final decision. At Modernize, we aim to inform our readers so they can choose a window covering they will love in their home. Continue reading to learn more about the many shutter options available on the market today.

Via Modernize

The Benefits of Shutters

One questions homeowners often is ask is why they should spend the money on shutters, if blinds or drapes will work just as well to block light from the home at a much lower cost. Shutters are among the more expensive options for window coverings. Vinyl shutters will cost an average of $80 to $200 for each window and natural wood shutters can cost anywhere from $90 to $600 dollars for each window.

It is important remember that cost is not the only thing to take into consideration. In general, shutters offer added benefits which make their cost worthwhile. When closed, shutters offer almost complete thermal protection by blocking sunlight from entering the home through the windows. Additionally, blinds and drapes are unable to project windows from inclement weather since they are only used indoors, while shutters add extra protection to the home. Lastly, shutters become a permanent part of the home, adding style and value to the home.

Should I Buy Wood or Vinyl Shutters?

Wood has largely been the most common choice for several years, but more recently vinyl has gained popularity due to some of the unique benefits this material offers. Each option has their own unique benefits and setbacks, and choosing between them really comes down to each individual's preference and the unique needs of their home.

Natural wood shutters are the strongest, most durable option but they do have their setbacks. Because wood is more susceptible to water damage, wood shutters may become warped if exposed to moisture for long periods of time. Vinyl shutters are not as strong, and they’re more susceptible to breaking. However, vinyl is the most affordable choice for shutters and they require very little maintenance over the life of the shutter.

Via Modernize

About Special Shape Shutters

Another thing to consider before making your purchase is if you will require any specialty shaped shutters for your windows. Shutters can be bought in a wide variety shapes, and some manufacturers will create the shutters custom to each homeowner’s needs. Arched, or circle top shutters, are similar to typical shutters except with a curved top on both sides. Additionally, octagonal or full circle shutters can be created for specially shaped or picture windows.

Before making your purchase, carefully inventory the windows in your home. Decide what you want your shutters to provide and choose your shutter based on their cost, durability, and the thermal protection they offer the home. With enough information, you are sure to choose window coverings you will love for many years to come.