Sunday, January 19, 2014

My first week with Google Glass

Well I'm sure that I could start in a hundred different places from the easily critical, like ugly, to the drastically boring stuff like the web interface, peoples reactions to it or maybe my wife's total determination to not participate in any way, but the first week with Google Glass was indeed interesting. The future of wearable technology is going to be fun.

I was pleased to see my websites new HTML 5 works well with glass while many sites just don't. I was pleased to see some pretty high quality pictures but not so high quality that you say, wow am I glad I spent $1500 on this camera. Yes the take away on week one is .. expensive toy there ground breaker. I did several job site pictures and a video or two on site as well. The kids never do time their humor for the red light so I still miss all the best comments and pictures even with a camera stuck to my head. Maybe I'll get better at it as time goes on.

The Navigation is a fail so far. I'll see about that but don't tell it to navigate to Dave's House or it will send you to New Hampshire, 1730 miles - One Day away. The tilt head for on sometimes doesn't work and it seems to work better with a full charge, early in the day and it seems to fade in performance as the day goes on. The restart with a tap doesn't work all the time. When it locks up the camera will still snap with the top button but it seems to be the only function. I had hoped for a bit more of an interface with the phone. It seems like it should be controlled by the phone for usability but that would make it an Apple product not a Google product now wouldn't it? The tilt head to kill video was a killer to body language and movement for the animated wearer so that could be a factor if you we're filming and trying to be yourself instead of watching the viewfinder. Many sites don't navigate well that you would think should be amazing. Google Plus is one of them. I notice share buttons are useless so if you like a site and want to hit the social button you will be limited to finding a login page, even for G+. That one surprised me as we all know I'm certainly logged into Google at that point. Once at a login page, it's not really possible to enter your email and password, hence, sharing isn't going to happen. I was pleased to see my rankings are high and that is important as a web search will only yield about 5 to 8 results and they have links but no page two or three so those top ones better be the solution. I still can't make a call on them.

I guess I'll have to use my icloud to download contacts to gmail to insert into G+ as that's the format it wants to use to call people. Yea that ones pretty tough to explain. Lets say that although week one netted a gig of pictures and videos, i couldn't really send them to anyone except through G+. That part really made me wonder because they don't seem to care about me adding or being friends with my current Facebook friends or my phone book associates, they want me to befriend an Audi dealer in Bangladesh or a software development guy in Mogadishu. Someone in management would have to explain that one to us. All that aside, no easy integration to the phones contacts. Incidently the phone is consistently asking you to add contacts but it can't seem to store them or display them anywhere. The interface for adding contacts was in fact, bad on the glasses, bad on the iphone app, and bad on the internet. That's a pretty deadly trifecta for any tech gadget. Lets hope the contacts integration team is on that one. It's pretty important. "Glass call my wife" is a no brainer and this toy doesn't seem to do that. The wink to take a picture hasn't been too great either. It seems a lot like the tilt your head to wake it up feature.... very hit and miss. Actually the wink thing has been all misses.

That, along with many of my complaints are probably user error. Let's be very clear on that. I'm not a tech guy I'm a home improvement contractor in Dallas and this is not my job. I'm more like an interested consumer and bystander. I just wanted to see if I could make instructional videos easier with them. That may still work out. Time will tell. So that's my first accessment of the Glass. I have to confess to no reading of instructions, one quick support call about the contacts and two short videos as my training so again, maybe all user error at this point.

You can find the pictures in a post from today 1-19-2014 on my G+ profile at

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