Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Blog for a New Year!

A New Blog for a New Year

By Dave Traynor

Well the SEO world says that it's not enough to have a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Profile, and a Google Maps Listing, or a Google Places listing.  Now the thing to have is a blog.  I personally even hate the word much less the concept.

What's a blog?  It sounds like a contraption created by a bad log.  It's not an article.  Not a webpage.  It just sounds useless already.  So much for optimism in the New Year.

No really I do have good things to say and add to society I just haven't figured them out yet.  Well that's not true either, I do know what to say.  Say something nice or don't say anything at all.  Thanks Grandma.

I have a great list of 13 things mentally strong people don't do.  I can't remember where I put them.  Google Plus profile I think.

Google Plus!  That's what it was I needed to blog about!  The single most important thing for a New Year and a small business is not really a blog in most cases.  It's a Google Plus Business Page.

A G+ profile for yourself will work much like a facebook page but more importantly, serves as a base author for your business profile, which over time will become the "publisher" of your website.  This Publisher and Authorship association with your web page will serve to bring higher organic web rankings to your website.

You can't underestimate the importance of getting in early.  For my company the two words Dallas and Windows are important.  How awesome was it to get my Google Plus Business Page up and acknowledged with a new cool page id like this one:  

Now maybe it will never be important for you to promote yourself in any way.  That is doubtful if you desire to be an expert in your field.  Most small business owners have 20+ years in their trade or industry and are experts but the internet has to be able to see that expertise and see it benefit the reader or the web searcher.

This is why I have to get a small business blog that talks about my small home improvement company.  And this is why you have to get a Google Plus Business page as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to sharing on this blog.  My years of web development just hit 15 and I've made a great life with a small replacement window company and a great web presence.  Let me share it with you and come back to visit us often!  ~  Dave  And don't miss our other outreaches for the cool pictures!  

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